Meet The KALIMILK Team

We are a group of experienced Nenen Lovers. We set new standards in Milk market and make it viral.

Due to the low amount of milk consumption in Indonesia, Kalimilk comes with a mission to change Indonesian people’s healthy habit to be accustomed to drinking milk. By the end of 2010, after the eruption of Mount Merapi a numerous milk farmers struggled to sell their fresh cow milk.

As one of its visions to Empower Milk Farmer in Indonesia, therefore, Kalimilk cooperates with them to produce the best fresh milk in Indonesia. Since its first inception, on December 31, 2010, Kalimilk’s #TKP 1 was the first modern fresh milk store in Jogjakarta with many variants.

Until this day, Kalimilk has four stores in Jogjakarta and Solo that include three #TKP and one #The Kalimilk, which is Kalimilk’s Premium Store.