We are, Proud to start from Indonesia

We build our first store in the heart of Java, Yogyakarta.

Nenener’s Story

Hi! NENENers! What is #NENENers ?

This is a special name for Kalimilk’s consumers.

Since we were born we have been introduced with drinking breast milk habits (nenen). Breast milk is excellent to create antibodies that will make our body healthier. Breast milk is given by our mother with love, sincerity, and proud for having us. These sentiments are what Kalimilk tries to give to all of #NENENers. And, yes, we’re #NENENers !

Kalimilk Store

We are #NENENers

We Deliver the Freshness

fresh up

Kalimilk’s milk is based on fresh dairy cattle, which are being treated like a Hollywood star, from our farm at the foot of Mount Merapi! Wohooo! We proud ourselves on our standard of dairy cattle’s feed, health, and hygiene. Dairy milking through Kalimilk System process enable us to kill off bacteria up to 95% and maintain 97% of milk’s protein. Therefore, Kalimilk provides #NENENers with the best quality of milk.

Being served and process by professionals and experienced hands will make #NENENers proud to consume Kalimilk’s products. Every day, the quality control is being conducted rigorously to ensure the freshness of its basic ingredients before being process into healthy drinks and foods for #NENENers.

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